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is set in a world where a race of dragon-like creatures called Onizards are the dominant species. Under the cruel reign of the Fire Queen, humans had no hope to be anything other than slaves or corpses. It is up to the zarders, humans who have become telepathically Bonded to an Onizard, to bring equality between the species and justice towards those who would harm the innocent.

The Zarder


For ten years, the dragon-like Onizards who dwelled in the Day Kingdom had been ruled by a tyrant who called herself the Fire Queen. Not even the Queen's son, Delbralfi, was completely safe from her scorn and wrath. For a powerless non-nature like Teltrena or a human slave like Jena, life was spent hoping for a better future while fearing for one's life.

Then, through a series of most unlikely circumstances, Jena found her mind telepathically Bonded to an Onizard hatchling named Senraeno. The only way to survive the Fire Queen's wrath was to fake their deaths and hide in the forgotten Night Kingdom.

With the unexpected help of a few new friends, the Bonds are safe for a while, but their real deaths await them if the Fire Queen discovers that Jena and Senraeno are both alive and Bonded. Now, Jena must learn to fight for herself, and she must help the Onizards see that the love and courage in their hearts is more powerful than the Fire Queen's hatred.

The Speed of Wind

Six years after her defeat and banishment from the Sandleyr, the former Fire Queen captured three hostages important to the Children of Light and the Zarder. Her ultimatum: send the Zarder and the Zarder's Bond, or the hostages will die.

A new responsibility has left Zarder Jena unable to save the Onizards she cares about. Fortunately, Jena is no longer the only Zarder.

Bryn and his Bond Xoltorble must rely on a young human ally to navigate the treacherous wilderness outside the Sandleyr.

Each day brings them closer to the hostages and a confrontation that will change the future of the Onizards.

Each night leaves Idenno in more pain as he tries to protect the other hostages from the Fire Queen's wrath.

 The Fire Queen is determined to break the spirit of her captives and get her revenge, but she is not counting on the speed of wind.

The Blood of Senbralni

When tragedy strikes the Night Kingdom, the youngest Zarder, Delma, and her Bond Amblomna are considered the only ones capable of stopping the Fire Queen for good. After all, Amblomna has a strange gift: she can speak to the rain, and the rain listens.

Unfortunately, the spirit in the rain has no intention of helping Amblomna find the Fire Queen, and he does not intend to reveal the real reason why Amblomna was chosen.

Meanwhile, Senrae has once again been forced to stay behind and leave the heroics to other Onizards. While this troubles him, not knowing the identity of his enemies within the Sandleyr is far more troubling. A shy Child of Fire named Delgrafi seems to have more knowledge of the tragedy than she should, yet she acts as if she is trying to protect him from something.

Only one thing is certain; he must discover Delgrafi's secrets if he has any hope of protecting his friends and family.

The Blood of Senbralni binds them all together...but will it be their undoing?

A Dream of Light

Eramine felt uneasy ever since she started having dreams of a winged creature calling out her name. Now a pair of the dream creatures has arrived while she is awake, declaring themselves Onizards and insisting that Eramine has to go with them or their de facto princess will die. The creatures have been terrifying every coastal village as they ask for Eramine by name; with her village as the next to be visited if the Onizards don't find her, how could Eramine not go with them?

Yet now her brother Marinel thinks she is in mortal danger, and he is putting all of his resources as well as his relationship with his newly wedded wife True on the line as he sails after her. He may have even harvested a poison capable of killing the Onizards.

Meanwhile, Eramine's newfound Onizard friends, Rulraeno and Senquena, are both acting as if they have some dark and shameful secret they are hiding instead of mutual feelings for one another. On top of that, Eramine's odd dreams are getting more frequent and are starting to have real-world consequences as she gets closer to the land of the Onizards.

It is a lot for any fourteen year old to handle, but Eramine is determined to make things right. She knows there is going to be a deadly confrontation if she can't figure out a way to reconcile the two species and help them get over their mutual dark past.

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