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Sara Jo Easton has been writing "novels" since the 8th grade, though her first tale of a heroic bobcat raised by timber wolves will stay buried forever if she has any say in the matter. She drew the first Onizards when she was bored in her high school math  class (in her defense, it was the second day in a row of graphing planes, and she had a giant box of colored pencils she was supposed to keep on the desk to somehow make the flat planes more interesting). Over a decade later, she has attended college for Journalism, has traveled extensively, and now resides in the northeastern United States
    More Fun Facts About Sara Jo
  •  Her guilty pleasure is the watching the animated "Lord of the Rings", directed by Ralph Bakshi. Someone once got her a copy of the animated "Return of the King" by Rankin/Bass as a present thinking it was the same thing. It is not, but the earworms will never go away. Watch at your own risk.
  • She accidentally learned how to say "the exit is over there" in Spanish after a kind bilingual man asked her where the exit was in both English and Spanish. He then started pointing in different directions while giving the matching directional information in Spanish. She is waiting to see if there will be a day when the kind bilingual man's Spanish lesson will save lives if she has to help people escape an area quickly. 
  • Sara Jo and her friends once gained a free flat screen TV after they were the only ones to show up for a radio station event. Her family thinks this is extreme luck, but she thinks this is probably just a case of everyone else being lazy on a Saturday morning. 
  • She once won a staring contest with a black bear. This activity is not recommended to anyone.   
  • Sara Jo is keeping herself entertained thinking of unusual facts for this bio page. She is not at all pretentious in spite of writing about herself in the third person.
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